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Salmon Fishing Tips

Image result for Tips for Salmon FishingSalmon is a very popular name among the anglers. Salmon is available both in saltwater and fresh water. This is a very big reason behind the popularity of this fish.

Salmon hatch from their eggs in freshwater and after that they travel into saltwater. There, they grow up and when it’s time for the spawn, they come back to the fresh water. So, you can find salmon fish easily in both water types. In this article, I will give you some tips about salmon fishing.


Tips for Salmon FishingImage result for Tips for Salmon Fishing

Salmon fishing is a great hobby and an exciting sport. But despite its popularity, people can get frustrated though they have the best fishing gears. It can happen because they are not using proper technique.

In this post, I am giving you some tips to catch salmon easily:


Prepare Before You Go OutImage result for Prepare Before You Go Out fishing

Before going into any fishing trip, it is necessary to prepare very well. You cannot come back from the middle of a trip just because you forget to bring the proper gear for that trip. So, it is the best way to make a list of everything that you need for that trip and cross check everything before you leave. Check your fishing rod, lines, lures, rigs and especially your bait. You cannot just use any bait if you want to catch some specific fish like salmon. To know more about fishing then go to our website that is safariors.com.


Sharpen Your Hooks

The jawline of a salmon is seriously thick and sharp. So, it can be very difficult to set a hook. So, make sure your hooks are very sharp as razor while catching a salmon. You can use new sharp hooks or simply can sharpen your old hooks. You can use old hooks but make sure you sharpen them before setting them for salmon.


Overcast for Success

Salmon fishes love to stay at low light conditions. So, it is better to go fishing on an overcast day is a better option than other days. You can also go fishing on normal days but in some particular times. Dawn and dusk provide very low lighting. These are the ideal times in the day for catching salmon. You can also catch salmon on a sunny day but at that time, salmons usually stay at the deep water and they remain a little less active.


The Best Bait for Salmon

You can expect too much success in salmon fishing if you don’t use proper bait. The best method to catch salmon is by using live baits such as roe. You can buy these baits from the market or you can harvest it by your own. You can also use artificial baits such as spinners.


Add Flash

You can add something shiny with your bait that can be used as a flash. As you know, salmon loves to stay in the dark, these shiny flash will help the salmon to get attracted towards the bait.


Learn to Drift Fishing

If you are fishing in the river or in the tides, it is better to learn drifting. It is the most up and coming method of salmon fishing. When you are in the rivers, you basically cast your bait upstream and it will drift down over a pool or area where you think salmon can be. This will present your bait to the salmon more naturally.


Get the Stamp

You obviously know this fact, in the USA, you will need a special stamp or permit beside your fishing license. It will help you to stay safe from getting a large amount of fine. The cost of the stamp is used to fund salmon stocking and conservation programs. So, it will not only give you permission to catch salmon, but it will also help you to go for salmon fishing for a longer time by reserving salmons.



Fishing is a great source of fun and adventure. There are a very few anglers who haven’t caught a salmon in their lifetime. Catching salmon is not a very difficult task but following some tips will make it a lot easier for you and will also increase the chance of success.