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Jerkbait Fishing Tips

Image result for Tips About Fishing with JerkbaitJerkbait is a very popular term among the anglers. People who love to catch bass is very familiar with this kind of bait.

Some people think that jerkbait is useful only for cold water fishing but this is wrong information. Jerbaits are very effective in all the seasons and all the temperature of the water. Whatever the mood a bass has, if you know how to use it properly then you can have success.

A proper guideline about this bait will surely help you to get more bites on your bait. In this article, I will give you some tips about jerkbait fishing.


Tips About Fishing with JerkbaitImage result for Tips About Fishing with Jerkbait

Though jerkbait is effective in cold water it is similarly effective in all weathers. In this post, I will give you some tips about fishing with jerbait to make your fishing experience better.


Cut it Some SlackAnglers make a very common mistake while fishing a jerkbait and that is not twitching on a sack line. When a jerkbait is sitting absolutely still, at that it excels. So, always move the jerkbait with the tip of your rod. Never try to do it with the feel of your rod. Your bait will suspend just like a dying baitfish if you follow these tips.


Feel the RhythmImage result for Feel the Rhythm fishing

All the anglers who use jerkbait to catch fish know a sound very well and that is something like twitch-twitch-pause, twitch-twitch-pause. It is called the rhythm or cadence. Your cadence is the rhythm that you choose to fish on any day. Generally, it is all about the way your lures designed and the way you fish it.

The main things while jerkbait fishing is rips, twitches, and cranks between your each and every pause. You have to try something that looks natural because you are trying to copy baitfish. You have to understand that how a wounded fish swim such as in a straight line or erratically. Try to do what is happening automatically in the wild. When the bass is in active mode, fast erratic movement works very well.


Use the Right LineImage result for Use the Right Line for fishing

There are a lot of reasons why small diameter fluorocarbon line is good for jerkbait fishing. Jerkbait fishing generally happens in clear water. Fluorocarbon lines are difficult for fishes to detect under clear water. This is a big reason why it is a perfect choice. When you are using the lightest fluorocarbon, you will be able to minimize the effect when it is sinking. It is a much better choice than the alternative buoyant monofilament alternative. Fluorocarbon lines are more sensitive which comes in very handy for light biting winter bass. 


Watch Your Line

When we are talking about light biting bass, make sure to watch your line. Most of the times a strike will occur when the bait is completely still. If you have a slight amount of slack in your line, there is a chance that you miss the strike. If you see a very small bit of twitch or your line begins to move, immediately set the hook.


Choosing Your Lure ColorImage result for Choosing Your Lure Color

While choosing the lure color, try to keep things simple and try to use some basic color patterns. If you are able to match the forage species, it is sure that you will always get bites. Otherwise, it is a matter of personal preference.

You can have a look at the sky to get an idea of underwater visibility. If the day is bright and sunny, you will want to use metallic and clear lures. On the other hand, if the weather is dull and cloudy, dull colors will offer a much better presentation of your lure.


Find the Windy Banks

Search for a windy bank when you are using a jerkbait. The wind will make the bait chop a little or a lot. At that time, it will become difficult for the bass to separate the bait from the real thing.



Bait fishing is popular among the anglers. The chance of catching a bass is more when you are using a jerkbait. That’s why most of the anglers choose this kind of bait for fishing. Jerkbait fishing is not so difficult as you may think. It can be real fun if you are able to do it properly. Following some simple tips can help you to make it worthy.